Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013 Letter

(A note from Brittani) As a precursor to you reading this letter- before you roll your eyes at the family for being completely neglectful and not writing this week: Sterling is on a 2 week military training, Brooke and Mike were busy selling at Freedom Festival all week, Dad was up at Aunt Donna's cleaning her entire home of clutter and fixing sprinklers, Uncle Jim was in town, I was hosting Greg etc... for the 4th, hosted 3 huge family dinners, swimming lessons, Irish dance, and tumbling for all 5 kids, still wrote, but it got there 12 hours too late... Just saying, we love Michael, and would not purposely neglect him. That is all, Read on... :) K..... so... You all suck at writing!!!! Its been a week and i havent gotten one email from the FAM!!!! C'mon DIS-FUNCTIONAL King family!! But listen, my P-day is monday but my monday is your sunday. annnnnd you guys are 7 hours behind. so right now it is 1:39 P.M. Monday the 8th, but for you guys its 7:39 A.M. Sunday. And if you guys wanna write letters write it to,Tonga Nukualofa po box 58, and for packages you send it to, nukualofa tonga nukualofa tonga mission liahona. Thats how it works out here. BUUUUUUT anyways.... Im doing good out here! I love it but at the same time it nuts and its a little hard because alot of missionaries just want to be disobedient! I dont get it!!! WHY?? I do not want to show up on judgement day and tell my savior that i served a mission with half of my will. I want to be told "well done thou good and faithfull servant." But i will just do my best and hope others do the same. We have another baptism set up for the 18th. Its two little kids who are 8 and 9 and they're parents are innactive. and we're starting to teach alot of people. On guy we just started to visit is like a 70 year old white guy from new zealand and he used to be a royal marine, and i told him about ster and that got the conversation going so hopefully we can start the lessons with him. But man Tonga is crazy. the people dont really have much here. like the other night we ate dinner in the dark becasue they didnt have lights. But maybe that was a good thing becasue i couldnt see what i was eating. hahaha i've eatten some pretty sketchy stuff. But Man i love the mission, just reading the Book Of Mormon and things like that blow my MIND!!! there is so much to the gospel but yet it is so simple to follow. Faith in Jesus Christ, Repent, be baptized, recieve the holy ghost and endure to the end. So simple. Heavenly Father knows us, and knows we needed something simple. Hahaha well at least i did. But guys the CHURCH IS TRUE!!! And i want everyone to know it!! man i love you all so much and pray for all the time!! I care about you all so much and love you all like crazy!! I want no empty chairs, just like mom used to say!! But the work is coming along and i really love my Savior and i absolutely love all my brothers and sisters. I just see people walking down the street and i want to scream in their face "THE CHURCH IS TRUE!" cause it is!! there is so much joy in the gospel!! BRITT: I love you so much!! Let Ryan know that he is the man! and tell all the little kiddos i love them so much! And give little lindsay an extra tight little squeeze for me. I love her so much! haha thanks for all you have done for me burt! your going to heaven for sure BROOKE: Man i pray for your little business ever day! i hope all is going well! I love you little family tell Mike i love him and tell Adam hes still my best friend! GREG: Bro so what happened?? whats the news, Matt said you broke up?? But hey i love you and i know things are hard but if you make choices having faith in Christ, the right things will happen in the lords due time. CHRICH DAWG: Bro i hope all is going well man!! I love you and you have amazing potential in this world! but hey bro i challenge you to read the Book Of Mormon!! Sincerely though. But if your already doing that good on you!!! Love you christian. STER: Bro whats going on?? i havent heard much from you brother! And hey can you give me some advice on how to help inactives?? cause there is alot out here. But i love you captain moroni!! I mean... Ster haha MATT: KEEP IT UP BRO CHRISTEE: Hey kiddo dont forget who you are and remember you are a beautiful daughter of God and loved very much! VERY MUCH!! Kiddo you are the best and i miss you like crazy!! your the coolest! POPS/T.O. Dubb D: Love you dad! pray for you every night. Just remember all things are possible through the lord. ALL THINGS. LOVE you family!!! Love you all so much and im so happy to be out here. i have never been this happy in my life. i know this is where i need to be. I have so much joy in this gospel and so much joy in my SAVIOR and my GOD! this church is true and we can all be together in pure happiness for the eternities! Love you all -LOVE ELDER KINGI OFA ATU!!

July 1 and 2, 2013 Letter

Wow... that is all i have to say... Tonga is NUTS!!! So i couldnt email the first week because the internet was down. So dont worry about me. But wow this language is freaking hard to learn!!! Its killing me. But my trainer is from salt lake and hes a tongan and hes really good and hes teaching me alot. the work is slow but its going. We're starting to get alot of investigators and stuff so its going. But guess what... my second day here i baptized three people!! haha i had to hurry and memorize the prayer in tongan and that wasnt the hard part it was freaking memorizing the name of the people i baptized haha. But the first night in our house we found three huge centipeds the size of my freaking hand and there are cockoroaches everywhere and tonga reminds me alot of south america. very third world and alot of little tin shacks. All my showers are absolutely freezing haha no warm showers for two years. and all i eat is freaking chicken hahha im going to get fat. But man im running out of time and i gotta go but i love you all so freaking much!!! i miss you and love getting you remails!! cant wait to learn the language and man the whole time ive been here ive been thinking.. man greg would love this place. haha and oh yeah i ate a dog.. ewwww... and it tasted like pig hahaha anyways love you -LOVE ELDER KING!!!!!! ps ill send pictures next week. and dad can you please tell my bank im in tonga so they dont think someone stole my card if i ever use it!?? Love you tons love your missionary!! Yo family!!! hey so i just found out im missing some visa stuff so i am able to email you real quick. But my medical forms are okay its just that they werent stamped so the country of tonga wont see it as a legit document. sooooo.... can someone have Dr. Carn or someone just get a form that says he did the proper things and proper medical checks for me. then have him sign it and stamp it with something. i dont know if they have an official stamp or something, but the guy told me today thats what i need. sorry for the inconvienance but i need a stamped document. but after you get the document just scan it in and email it. He is the one in charge of this stuff but hopefully that works. but man im so sick of FREAKING VISA FORMS!!!! I hate all the governments in the whole world!! (nacho voice) haha but i love you family!! Tonga is awesome and im loving it!! I just taught two eight year old kids whos parents are inactive and we taught the plan of salvation and i used my little puzzle thing. it was awesome. They are going to be baptized on the 18th hopefully we can bring the parents back to the church. But i love you all so freaking much!!!! love Elder king p.s. if you can get those documents emailed ASAP!!!!! its kinda urgent. LOVE YOU!!!