Thursday, June 27, 2013

June 13, 2013 Letter

Hello Family!! Well its official. I love every single one of you guys so much! And i know its been like three weeks only, but i miss you all. Especially feeling this warm weather it reminds me of the times we would get together and just BBQ and chill at moms house and play with the kiddos outside. But the MTC is getting better, and my comps are getting better too. Just killin them with love. But i leave sunday!!!!! WOOO!!! 830 PM to LA. Then 1130 to FIJI. Than a 8 hour layover then 130 PM to tonga!!!! So because of layovers, flight times, and time zone change i wont get to TONGA until tuesday. But i guess its better than Elder Grobergs (Koli Poki) 3 month boat ride to Tonga. But the language is coming pretty good but lets be honest ill learn it in the feild. not the MTC. But just to let you all know the MTC is spirit prison!!! I wanna leave!! i feel so trapped!!! But i love you all!! thanks for the love!! Britt thanks for the little toys!!! im excited to hand those out. But brooke, you failed.... I havent gotten one letter from you!!!! i thought we were tight!!! haha JK its all good i know you love me... well i kinda do.. haha ;) but how are the little cute families of Brooke and Britt!!?? I love you two older sisters so much!! you both mean so much to me in so many different ways!! :) KIDDO happy birthday, i hope you got my present. i sent a small package to you. But everything is awsome here!!! I love you all so much. And all of you make me proud. Greg you are the man and a way good older brother to all of us and you are always trying to take care of us. Chrich, your the man and you bring so much life to the family. without you our family would be sooooo boring haha and im so proud of you getting this job and being good at it!! Ster you are just the MAN!! always obedient and always have a desire to do the right! you are a leader! KIDDO!!! your just the cuttest little girl and i miss all the fun things we would do! you are so mature and so good to our family! you are a blessing to all of us. Dont forget who you are and what you represent!! BURT and fam i love you all so much!! Britt you bring so much joy to all of our lifes with your kind actions pure love and happy smile, and your cute little kiddos. i dont know what we would do without you!! BROOKE and fam i love you all so much! you guys are always so receptive and kind and are always willing to lend a helping hand. And little Adam is the man, i love and miss my little best friend. brooke you are such a spiritual strength to our family!! I love you so much! DAD!!! you are the man and thanks for always providing for the family and giving us the life we all wanted! Keep up the good work!! LOVE YOU ALL AND CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!! -Love Elder King

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 6, 2013 Letter with pics

June 6, 2013 Letter

Malo e lelei famili!!? Oku ou ofa kimoutolu!!... and thats about all i got. Hahaha well the language is starting to come back, slowly. But I am learning alot. And i am greatfull to be here in the MTC so i can become prepared for the mission feild. I still have so much more to learn. But thats why I will study hard, pray hard, work hard, and be obedient. But I think its fair to say I miss you all!! Especially the little cute kiddos. So i heard Adam is yet another belt higher, which means by the time i get back and get fat (from eating all the Tongan food) that little guy is gonna beat me up!! Hahaha and man i miss Burts little guys... and i dont know why but little Lindsay is just one of the cutest little memories i have. I love all those kiddos so much. And speaking of KIDDO, Christee is turning 16!?!?! WTF?? (What the Fantastic) that is ridiculous. She is honestly is the most mature out of all of us. and shes only 16. But how is the family!? I hear lots of good! I heard Greg is finally married, and Christian is engagged!! Man i guess me going on a mission is a huge blessing to the family!!.... oh wait... none of that has happened. Hahaha YOU TWO BOYS BETTER STEP IT UP and continue to progress with your covenants with our Heavenly Father!! I am a missionary so i can declare repentance... So repent and be MARRIED!!! hahahaha just kidding guys. But seriously. Get married. Anywas... I love you all so much and i am so excited to be out here on my mission and serving the Lord. I love you all. Make sure to send me packages!!! hahaha ;) seriously though... send some. But hey i was actually gonna ask you guys, i leave sunday the 16th and i would really appreciate it if you could send some candy, like individually wrapped candy, and it can be super cheap. And some cheapo dollar store toys that would be easy to pack?? My buddy says the quickest way to the Tongan peoples heart is through their kids. And he said if you can bring some cheap toys and candy for the kids. because they dont have any. Well i love you guys and miss you all. -Love Eleta Kingi P.S. Greg give my love to Jaime!!! Then buy her an engagement ring! ;) hahahahaha never gets old.