Monday, July 8, 2013

July 1 and 2, 2013 Letter

Wow... that is all i have to say... Tonga is NUTS!!! So i couldnt email the first week because the internet was down. So dont worry about me. But wow this language is freaking hard to learn!!! Its killing me. But my trainer is from salt lake and hes a tongan and hes really good and hes teaching me alot. the work is slow but its going. We're starting to get alot of investigators and stuff so its going. But guess what... my second day here i baptized three people!! haha i had to hurry and memorize the prayer in tongan and that wasnt the hard part it was freaking memorizing the name of the people i baptized haha. But the first night in our house we found three huge centipeds the size of my freaking hand and there are cockoroaches everywhere and tonga reminds me alot of south america. very third world and alot of little tin shacks. All my showers are absolutely freezing haha no warm showers for two years. and all i eat is freaking chicken hahha im going to get fat. But man im running out of time and i gotta go but i love you all so freaking much!!! i miss you and love getting you remails!! cant wait to learn the language and man the whole time ive been here ive been thinking.. man greg would love this place. haha and oh yeah i ate a dog.. ewwww... and it tasted like pig hahaha anyways love you -LOVE ELDER KING!!!!!! ps ill send pictures next week. and dad can you please tell my bank im in tonga so they dont think someone stole my card if i ever use it!?? Love you tons love your missionary!! Yo family!!! hey so i just found out im missing some visa stuff so i am able to email you real quick. But my medical forms are okay its just that they werent stamped so the country of tonga wont see it as a legit document. sooooo.... can someone have Dr. Carn or someone just get a form that says he did the proper things and proper medical checks for me. then have him sign it and stamp it with something. i dont know if they have an official stamp or something, but the guy told me today thats what i need. sorry for the inconvienance but i need a stamped document. but after you get the document just scan it in and email it. He is the one in charge of this stuff but hopefully that works. but man im so sick of FREAKING VISA FORMS!!!! I hate all the governments in the whole world!! (nacho voice) haha but i love you family!! Tonga is awesome and im loving it!! I just taught two eight year old kids whos parents are inactive and we taught the plan of salvation and i used my little puzzle thing. it was awesome. They are going to be baptized on the 18th hopefully we can bring the parents back to the church. But i love you all so freaking much!!!! love Elder king p.s. if you can get those documents emailed ASAP!!!!! its kinda urgent. LOVE YOU!!!

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